Most popular time management tools


Every second matters in our lives, and that’s why we need to find a great way to optimize our time and workflow. Using software is a great way to achieve that, and there are plenty of great tools to help bring that idea to fruition. Here you have a list with some of the best time management tools you can start using today!


Scoro does a very good job at helping you plan your day and manage everything without a problem. It’s important to study time management via Udemy, but you also need a good piece of software to help you track all tasks. And Scoro does that, while also offering graphs, reports and a stellar interface.


What we like about Harvest is the fact that you can easily track the amount of time spent on any project. The cool thing here is that you can also track the budget for a project, but also the overall internal costs. You can also create and manage invoices too. As a whole, it’s an exceptional time management tool with some great extra features.


The main advantage of Toggl is that it seamlessly tracks all your tasks and you can manage them from a great interface. It helps improve your performance and billing, while also covering the entire team. They also have over 100 integrations and multiple time tracking apps.


Timecamp is another great solution because it allows you to increase the profit margins of a project thanks to time tracking. They have other things like attendance reporting, timesheet approvals, productivity tracking, but also billing and invoicing in a complex package.


Rize is recommended because it’s a very simple app, and it also comes with an exceptional interface. What it does is it helps you improve your work habits, but at the same time you can also establish work blocks for every day. You can also track exactly what projects you are working on and whenever you want to take a break. It really is a great, modern time management solution for everyone.

If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up and improve your productivity, then these are great tools to consider using right away. But if you also want to educate yourself about time management, then the Udemy course created by Christine Reidhead, named “Time Management History, Benefits, and Techniques” is a great option. It will help you learn more about where time management comes from, how to implement it properly, but also narrow down the benefits and its importance!

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