How to convert a photo to a paint-by-numbers pattern?


Anyone may create a complicated work of art without taking an art lesson thanks to painting by numbers, coloring in a cross in a coloring book, and painting on canvases. Simple art kits were first created in the 1950s and are still popular among both children and adults.

You may now design a paint-by-numbers version of your preferred image, which you can enjoy alone or with your favorite people after a tough day.

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Following are some crucial recommendations that are useful to know when converting your image into a unique paint-by-numbers artwork. Before beginning, pick a high-quality picture that has been cropped to the appropriate size for your artwork. Following are these procedures in depth with some useful advice and pointers.

Conversion tips for paint-by-numbers

  • It is always advised to select your favorite image because you’ll devote a lot of effort to painting it. Select the image you find most appealing.
  • Invariably attach the image to your desktop and then update it if needed. It is suggested to import HD images so the AI can comprehend the photo, and it is preferable to import the image to your pc because it will be simpler to modify or crop it if required.
  • Choose your personal favorite pictures and then compare with our free site that looks the best with paint-by-numbers design.
  • It’s a smart option to pick a picture with a simple background. This is depending on the setting you pick, the picture will only include 24 or 36 colors when converted to a painting-by-numbers design.
  • The image must be at least 750 pixels in height and width.
  • If you intend to create a group photo, for instance, keep in mind there are no more than 4 or 5 individuals in the picture to view their features.
  • Take into account that your picture will contain less clarity than the source once it has been turned into a paint-by-numbers design.
  • Once you’ve chosen your image, ensure its length and height correspond to the amount of canvas you need, and if you require a different size, clip the image so that it will accommodate your painting.

Ideas for selecting a photograph include:

If creating your images seems enjoyable but you genuinely don’t know which one to do, below are a few suggestions.

  1. A gorgeous snapshot from your trip might be turned into a one-of-a-kind artwork to memorialize a trip.
  2. You may make a pet color-by-number portrait to commemorate a favorite pet or a fam photograph.
  3. A group picture to introduce your family.
  4. Take a snapshot of your life mate and color it on their behalf so they can see how much work you put in.
  5. To commemorate a significant occasion, such as your wedding, baptism, or birth.
  6. To honor a dead loved one
  7. For your enjoyment, beautify your home or any other location.


An important part of any creative process is making something that has meaning and value.

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