Complete Your Collection with These Men’s Footwear Styles.


Everyone has a favourite pair of shoes or boots in their collection. Always prioritising comfort, men take extra care while selecting shoes. Footwear for men has evolved alongside men’s fashion, giving them various options to complement any wardrobe.

Now you know everything about the many shoe options for guys and how they reflect their styles. JACK&JONES here offers all the varieties for footwear for men.


One of the most ubiquitous types of men’s footwear is the sneaker. Women, too, can find a variety of chic sneakers in today’s market. The sneakers for men are for the chill types that get a kick out of a wide range of patterns. Canvas is used to make the upper, while a rubber outsole makes these shoes extremely versatile. This trend became popular because it is incorporated into various sports and physical activities, including tennis and gym workouts, and that’s just the beginning. Trainers, sports shoes, runners, and many other titles all refer to the same thing.

Loafers and drivers

Looking back in time, particularly in the 1960s, loafers were everywhere. In the grand scheme of things, even now, they are. These men’s shoe styles are extremely easy to rock and represent some of the most advanced options modern guys may wear. The men’s designer shoes currently trending upward are loafers and drivers.

Dress shoes or laces

Who, after all, needs to know what a pair of lace-ups or a pair of dress shoes for men is? These shoe types for men are extremely popular worldwide since they are acceptable options for men to wear to the office. These name-brand men’s footwear options include everything from classic brogues to modern derbies.


Even though men’s espadrilles have been around since the fourteenth century, the footwear trend has just recently made a comeback in recent years. Most espadrilles are made from canvas or cotton, making them casual and comfortable. This men’s shoe type is one of the most comfortable, and designer shoemakers provide many styles. Espadrilles are the perfect footwear for anyone who values a casual and fashionable walk.


If you think boots are just for cowboys and adventurers, check out the selection again. Men’s boots have long been essential in wintertime, but they are best friends with adventurous men who enjoy rock climbing and backpacking.

Active sandals

The athletic slip ons for men are needed if you plan on walking but want to avoid wearing sneakers. The men’s athletic walking sandals include three adjustable straps made of full-grain leather. The tractioned rubber outsoles and molded footbeds give you a secure, comfortable fit and superior traction and orthotic support for all outdoor adventures.


The importance of a new pair of shoes in a man’s life cannot be overstated. Shoes are a crucial part of any outfit, whether you’re going to the office, a bar, the gym, a wedding, or the beach. Having a variety of shoes for informal and formal occasions will allow you to always look your best when leaving the house. You may expand your shoe collection with JACK&JONES.


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