All You Need to Know About DS Group Beverage Business


DS Group has a wide range of products in the beverage segment that pack in good health, great taste, and several other benefits. Continue reading to know more.

DS Group is a massive and dynamic conglomerate that owns and has active products in industries like confectionery, food, hospitality, beverages, and more. Its beverage segment is a significant player in the Indian beverages market. 

They offer a wide range of products catering to a massive population segment catering to consumer preferences. These include packaged drinking water, carbonated water, soft drinks, and healthy fruit juices. DS Group has ensured that it has all in-demand product categories covered. 

Catch Water: 

Beginning its journey in glacial mountains, where it slowly filters through layers of underground rock for years, absorbing helpful minerals along the way, Catch water is undoubtedly the purest and cleanest available. The water is bottled at a cutting-edge facility where its natural properties are preserved. Catch natural mineral water is packaged and sold in a wide range of quantities to meet the demands of consumers worldwide.

Catch Juice:

There are a lot of options in the fruit juice segment. Apple, guava, mango, lychee, multi fruit are some of the popular juice flavours offered by Catch Juice. They are made in a state-of-the-art facility in the Himalayas, to ensure utmost freshness and pure quality. There are a wide variety and types of juices available including sparkling juice beverages and 100% fruit juices. 

Catch Carbonated Beverages:

DS Group beverages offer popular carbonated drinks that cater to a wide range of preferences with unique flavours. 

Mixers: These are an excellent selection of mixers to raise the bar for any drink in terms of taste and quality. You can have your preferred beverages mixed with ginger ale, club soda, or classic Indian tonic. They also taste delicious when consumed directly with nothing else mixed. 

Clear: Low-cal and delicious, Clear is made with the zest of natural fruit flavours, and carbonated spring water is added to it for the extra zing. Peach, Lemon ‘n’ Lime, Green Apple, and Black Currant are some of the flavours available in this product range. 

Spring: Unlike the more common orange, lemon, and cola soft drinks, Spring offers a variety of carbonated beverages made from spring water. Everyone has a unique tasts and these carbonated drinks now cater to all with popular flavours like Jira Digestive and Shikanji Masala.

Liquid Life

Through years of filtration through layers of Himalayan rocks, Liquid Life Natural Mineral Water absorbs a wide range of minerals that are good for your body.

Using cutting-edge processing methods, it is refined using only the purest and most pristine water. This is a well-loved product due to its refreshing tanginess and multiple health benefits. Liquid life is available in various packaged forms ranging from 200ml and 500 ml to 1 litre and 15 litres 

The beverage market is a greatly saturated area. With heavy names already well established in the market, Dharampal Satyapal businesses have been strongly focusing on building a formidable brand name. The company focuses on giving out high-quality products at great prices.

The DS Group has encountered immense growth in its beverage business over the years. The growth has been dynamic due to their commitment to quality and innovation. They have a dedicated research and development team that works tirelessly to bring out substantial products in the beverage market to keep up with the industry’s and people’s ever-changing demands and preferences.

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