What Are The Different Types Of Social Security Benefits


There are a large number of people who depend on the social security check (เช็คประกันสังคม, which is the term in Thai) benefit during retirement time. At the same time, most seniors need social security income to cover their basic needs. There are different types of social security that you will know from the below article.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement benefits are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about social security benefits. Only people who are 62 years old or who have worked for at least 10 years can avail of the benefit. The benefit amount will vary depending upon the salary you receive at your pre-retirement stage. Even your spouse who has not contributed to the program can avail of this benefit.

Disability Benefit

Disability benefit is another type of social security benefit that the disabled person avails. Apart from retirement, the disabled person also needs to work a certain number of years to avail of this disability benefit. In that case, the gov determines the amount of work that the person will receive depending upon the work amount and age.

Survivors Benefits

Survivor benefit refers to what the family member receives if anyone in the family who is working and paying in social security dies. Based on the last draw, your family is entitled to get the amount. Apart from that, the deceased person needs to work long enough to be eligible to get a social security check.

Supplemental Security Income

Apart from the other types, supplemental security income is generally a need-based program that gives financial assistance to a person who is low-income and aged or has any disability. The supplemental security income generally benefits retired people or people with disabilities.

Spousal Benefit

The spousal benefit is for spouses who do not have enough credit for social records or didn’t contribute to any work. They are entitled to get the same benefit at the age of 62 based on their spouse’s work record. The highest benefit that the spouse will receive depends on the last draw of their spouse at the full retirement age.


These are the basic types of social security benefits that people receive depending on their age, income, and work amount. This social security check is categorized based on the needs of the receiver and the amount of work they have contributed. Each category has its criteria to be eligible for the same benefit.

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