Understand Some Important Facts About Paving Tiles

Understand Some Important Facts About Paving Tiles

Tiles are used to enhance the Floor’s beauty and easily maintain cleanliness. Tiles have various qualities and are vital in enhancing the beauty of any building, house, public space, and much more. Before placing a tile, a few basic steps need to be carried out, such as selecting the best quality tile; before laying the tile, ensure the surface is properly maintained, and necessary precautions must be taken.

Paving tiles (ปู กระเบื้อง, which is the term in Thai) are more durable and enhance the appearance of the Floor. Natural tiles are granite and limestone that give the residence a royal and aesthetic look. In contrast, industry-made tiles have clay and other mixtures which have better robustness and are economically cheaper. Natural tiles are expensive, but they can create a porch appearance that has attractive designs which occur naturally.

Quality Features

  • They are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, any damage can be replaced. Some tiles can prevent slippery with some patterns, which reduces major accidents during wet conditions.
  • It can sustain pressure and load-bearing ability.
  • It can enhance the residence’s appearance, walkways, and much more. It can be made with the help of recycled waste materials.
  • It provides flexibility, durability and sustainability for a longer period. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and clean.

Caution To Take Before Laying Tiles

  • Most tiles get damaged because of inadequate surface preparation. Before placing a tile, preparing the surface along with sand increases its durability. Further, use good quality mortar, which can help the tiles sustain for a longer period.
  • Use the equipment, such as cutting tools, marking tools, drilling machines, rubber mallets, and much more, while fitting a tile.
  • It has wide applications such as Pool Decks, Garden decoration, Walkways, and Public spaces such as malls, Industrial areas, Hospitals, and much more.


Tiles are useful that can help maintain proper cleanliness and enhance the beauty of the residence. Natural stones such as granite and limestone can be used for paving, providing an aesthetic look and enhancing beauty. Tiles are used for places such as hospitals, industries, gardens, walkways, etc. Natural stones are more expensive than clay paving tiles as they are more durable and economically cheap. Tiles can bear high pressure and sustain adverse climatic conditions. It has significant features such as preventing slippery, bearing high pressure, durability, flexibility, and easy maintenance. Moreover, tiles have versatile functionality.

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