Under-Eye Bags: What Is It And How To Deal With It

The under-eye skin is delicate. It not only reveals our emotions but also reveals our body’s needs. For example, if you are tired, the area under your eye will be swollen immediately, or you will get a dark circle around the eyes. In most cases, it is not a big deal and doesn’t need any medical intervention, but they say a lot in some cases, and the matter may become severe. There are many ways to Under-eye bag removal (ตัด ถุง ใต้ ตา, which is the term in Thai); let’s check them one by one.

What Is The Reason Behind The Swollen Bags Under The Eyes?

A single reason does not cause a swollen bag under the eye. There might be various reasons behind it, including:

Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep is the primary and most common reason behind swollen bags. If you sleep less or take less rest than needed, blood circulation gets affected, and blood clots occur. It involves the area under the eyes more, and the dark circles and the swollen eyes are visible.

Some Diseases

Some medical conditions also result in under-eye swelling or puffiness. the medical conditions may include

  • kidney disease
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease


Your skin, including your under-eyes, gets loosened as you age. It creates a puffy or swollen look in the eyes. With under-eye bag removal, you can get rid of this issue.

Endocrine Abnormalities

Your endocrine abnormalities are the abnormalities caused by your genes. These may also cause swollen bags under the eyes.

Ways To Reduce Swollen Bags Under The Eyes

Swollen bags under the eyes make you look awkward in public places. It reduces your confidence. Therefore, you need to act immediately to get rid of them. You can get rid of them in the three main ways:

Natural Ways

Natural ways of removing under-eye swelling include adopting a healthy lifestyle. Along with improved sleep, you can keep cucumber on your eyes so the dark circles and swelling vanish.

Surgical Method

Some professional surgeons help you remove the under-eye swelling by removing the fat from there. There are various techniques to remove it. But to undergo the surgery, you should ensure that you are consulting an expert and experienced doctor.

Filler Injection

It is one of the trending methods of under-eye bag removal. With these filler injections, the professionals will also remove the wrinkles on your eye skin so you will look young again.