Tips for Buying a Horse Float


Horse floats are helpful trailers used in transporting horses to faraway locations. These transportation devices are designed to prioritise the safety, comfort, and functionality of the horse during travel.

If you are looking to buy a horse float, you’ll need to consider several factors to ensure they provide optimal performance. Below are some tips for a careful and smart selection:

The Horse’s Physical Characteristics

When buying overnighter floats, it is paramount to understand the weight, height, and breed of your hose. This is because these factors will determine the overall size of the float, including the total roof height and width.

By taking into consideration the physical characteristics of your horse, you can ensure its comfort and safety during the ride. Ample head height will also prevent your horse from dwarfing.

Sufficient Ventilation

A horse float is not a natural space for a horse, and they will most likely panic if there isn’t enough room. Additionally, lack of ventilation will result in quick heat build-up that will further agitate the steed. Imagine living in a home without windows or vents; that is not a place to stay for long.

When assessing the features of various horse floats, make ventilation one of your primary priorities. Look for a float with sliding windows and roof vents that will allow heat to escape and let fresh air in.

Loading Style

There are two types of loading styles available for horse floats: straight and angle load floats. Let us summarise the main differences between both:

Straight Load Floats

  • Allows loading of two horses
  • Offers larger interior space

Angle Load Floats

  • Enables loading of three horses
  • Provides better balance, posture, and comfort

There is no better float loading type than the other since the decision is largely based on the owner’s and horse’s preference. Some steeds load calmer in angle floats, while some work better with straight ones. In some instances, it is wise to buy an angled horse float, especially if you own more than one horse.

Dependable Manufacturer

Perhaps the biggest factor to include in your checklist when buying a new horse float is the reliability of the manufacturer. Look for horse float suppliers that make quality, performance, and safety the hallmarks of their products. If you are looking for a trustworthy recommendation in Australia, choose Eurofloat.

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