The Importance Of Online Receipt In The World Of E-Commerce


In today’s world, e-commerce has changed the business pattern, making things easier. So when you are going to purchase anything from a mall, and then nowadays you can see they will not provide you with any hand-to-hand bill, but online, they will send the bill in your mail and message as well. So this provides the customers with accurate and original bills. So online receipt form (ใบเสร็จรับเงินออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) plays a crucial role in this process offering numerous benefits for both the business and the customers.

Why Is It Necessary?

So this process came into action keeping in mind the safety and reducing paper waste. Now it has been noticed that many lost their bills for some reason, so it’s hard for them to exchange anything. But if it remains in your email, you will never get lost and can exchange things easily. The bill that you will receive is in excel receipt form (ใบเสร็จ รับ เงิน excel, which is the term in Thai). So it’s a proper bill, where all details are mentioned, like prices, taxes deducted, ID number, the name of the product you purchased, and the name of the company.

Beneficial Factors

This online transaction will help reduce your waiting time as you don’t have to stand for a long time to receive your receipt. So online receipts can easily be stored and retrieved when needed, so you don’t need to check through a pile of paper to find any paper receipt. In a few stores, this process has been activated. Now everything is machine-oriented, so there can be server problems or printing machines have stopped operating; keeping this in mind, an online receipt form adds a lot of benefits.

How Does It Look?

So it looks like an Excel receipt form; in the header section, the company’s name is mentioned, address and email id. Then they have the receipt number for keeping records and tracking processes. So it is an itemized bill where payment details, discounts, taxes, product details and everything is mentioned. So in the footer section, they add additional information, return and refund policies or special messages for the customers.


The rise of e-commerce and the advancement in IT have made businesses pretty easy. The customers can also share their valuable feedback about the services by clicking a simple link which will be received in messages. This feedback will help them get good ratings and improve their services and businesses in the long run.

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