The Gravity Series 560 of Masterbuilt are Available Exclusively in BBQs 2u


Gone are the times when people preferred booking a restaurant with BBQ or pizza centres to enjoy their family gathering. 

With the introduction of BBQs 2u, people are enjoying their family gathering at their own property with the help of some wonderful introduction of Kamado Joe, Blackstone Griddles UK, Masterbuilt, Ooni Pizzas, and so on. 

One of the many introductions to the world of barbecues is the Masterbuilt series, and they are available in BBQs 2u for interested buyers. 

These masterpieces are built in such a way that they can help one cook a large-course meal at a time. 

Hence, hundreds to thousands of buyers worldwide are choosing these Masterbuilt series to install in their front or backyards. 

Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560 is a smoker and charcoal grill unit. This unit allows the buyers to enjoy grilling, searing, smoking, roasting, and also many more things while cooking their food. 

As the name says, this unit is a charcoal grill and smoking unit and offers one to enjoy doing many things with it.

The Masterbuilt Gravity series unit 560 is designed with a temperature setting panel to make it the smart device that it is. 

All the buyers have to do is set the temperature in the grill to the required numbers and everything else will be carried along accordingly. 

The cooking temperature will be maintained throughout the cooking hours, be it for 1 hour or 8 long hours. 

When heated, the owners of the Masterbuilt series grilling unit can carry along cooking for a maximum of 12 hours. 

This is possible because of the heat-circulating mechanism available inside the grilling unit. The buyers that have used this unit so far have nothing, but excellent things to share after using them. 

Just like a gas-heated BBQ unit, the Masterbuilt series can also be handled with the help of some digital control panels. 

The same goes for cleanliness too. The easy-controlling mechanism is developed in such a way that there is no constant requirement for the owner of the barbecue unit to keep an eye on because of some chances of the heating going wrong. 

Both the gas-heating and charcoal-heating mechanisms have made the Masterbuilt Gravity Series become the most-preferred cooking appliance worldwide. 

Things that make the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560 unit the best option for buyers are that they can easily reach the temperature of 370 degrees within the next 7 to 13 minutes after they are lit up. 

The cooking space available for the users is more than 3600 square centimetres and the outer layer is coated with two porcelain layers to maintain the heat within the unit. 

The Gravity 560 series of Masterbuilt can hold up to 7 kgs briquettes and 4.5 kgs charcoal. 

The inner cast-iron grates are designed with reversible smoke and sear coatings and this factor allows the heat to circulate evenly inside the unit when heated. 

The buyers can find all the Gravity series of Masterbuilt in BBQs 2u, as they are the best companions of Masterbuilt from the time they entered the kitchen appliances market. One can check thoroughly and buy the product of their interest. 

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