Keep your farm running with affordable used tractor parts


Getting a used tractor back up and running for another season is easier and more affordable than ever thanks to the growing availability of new, second-hand and reconditioned parts. Rather than scrapping or trading-in older models, savvy farmers and agriculture workers learn to source parts that breathe life back into equipment for a fraction of new.

Checking local swap meets for gently used parts 

The time-tested local option for used tractor parts remains the regional swap meet. Experienced tractor owners network at regularly scheduled events to buy, sell and trade parts, implements, accessories and more at discounted prices. With tools in hand, experts can score usable parts from models headed to the scrap yard to fix up their own current fleet. While you may not locate the exact part needed every time, regional swap meet regulars prioritize value buys then stock away items until the right repair situation emerges. Building a network of fellow tractor owners willing to lend a spare part or give rebuilding advice makes running older tractors feasible.

Scouring online listings for secondhand components   

If the swap meet route isn’t yielding the specific parts needed, take your search online. Major auction and classified sites feature individual tractor part sellers who acquired excess components or disassembled non-running vintage tractors for parts. eBay and Facebook Marketplace lead the pack for parts volume, with popular niche sites like track tractors for sale offering more specialized used listings as well. Since used parts condition varies widely, study seller photos closely to gauge wear, damage or short-term viability for minor repairs. With a little mechanical know-how, the right listing could yield a huge payoff extending your tractor lifespan at a bargain price.

Seeking discounts on remanufactured major components

Once key mechanical parts like engines, transmissions or drivetrains are totally spent beyond basic fixes, there’s still an affordable alternative before committing to new factory parts – remanufactured assemblies. Major component reman utilizes used hardware as the base, but completely replaces individual parts that commonly fail to restore equipment as close to original specs as possible. While pricing depends on the specific tractor model, remanufactured engines, drivetrains, hydraulic pumps and other major mechanical assemblies cost 40-60% less than brand new factory components. Paired with affordable used implements or attachments scrounged locally, repowering with reman bolsters antiquated tractors for years of profitable use ahead.

Always confirm any used or reman parts feature at least a 90 day warranty for peace of mind. But when new parts quote too high for older tractor models, creative sourcing through swap meets, classifieds and remanufactured component suppliers keeps loyal farm tractors running smoothly season after season.

With careful shopping, verification and reconditioning, used parts supply incredible value keeping old farm tractors running another year strong. Parts salvaging and repair skills stretch dollars, perfected over generations of loyal agriculture families. Leverage these lessons to keep your tractors on the job profitably for decades to come.

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