How Do Just Sold Postcards Help You Get New Listings?


Real estate agents understand the relevance of getting new listings, and postcards are a great way to get these listings. These postcards for just sold listings inform potential clients that the agency has recently sold a property within their area and should contact the real estate agency if interested in listing their house.

What’s A Just Sold Card?

Real estate agents can make use of just sold postcards to generate leads. After closing a deal, the agent sends out a postcard to everyone in the area.

The agents’ success is hoped to inspire the recipients to list their properties. They can be a powerful marketing tool.

How Postcards Help Real Estate Agencies To Get New Listings

They Build Credibility For Real Estate Agents:

Establishing credibility with potential clients is difficult if you are a novice real estate agent. In addition, you don’t know much about your clients, so why would they list their homes with you?

Postcards can be helpful in showing potential clients how you have sold properties successfully in the past. You can also build trust and credibility, which is crucial if your goal is to get new listings.

They Generate Leads For Real Estate Agents:

Postcards can be an excellent way to create. For example, potential clients may be interested in listing their home with your company if they see your postcard. In addition, potential clients may contact you or visit your site to learn more about your services.

They Help Real Estate Agents To Stay On Top Of Their Minds:

Potential clients may not immediately think of you when they consider selling their homes. However, if they have seen your postcards before, they will remember you when they decide to sell their home. 

Giving An Easy Way For You To Stay In Touch:

Keeping in touch with potential clients can be challenging, mainly if they aren’t ready to sell their homes. These postcards for just sold listings are a wonderful technique to keep in touch with potential clients and keep your name front and center. 

Postcards Give Real Estate Agents An Edge Over Their Competition:

If you send postcards, you are already ahead of your competitors. This is because most real estate agents do not use this marketing strategy. Postcards can help you get new listings and grow the business.

They Help By Being Cost-Effective:

Postcards can be a cost-effective way to market your business. They are easy to print and relatively affordable. You can also reach many potential customers with direct mailing.

Real Estate Agents Helped by Being Flexible:

They can be used as flexible marketing tools. For example, it can be used to reach a particular group or mass mail all your contacts. You can personalize them to include your message.

Postcards Provide A Consistent Marketing Message:

Potential clients will notice the consistent message every time they get one. It helps build brand awareness and brand recognition. It ensures your potential clients see the most recent listings.


Postcards for just sold listings can be an excellent way for agents to keep in touch with clients from the past and prospective new clients. In addition, agents can share recent sales information to show their knowledge and be proactive in helping clients sell or buy property.

They can also be an excellent way for new leads to be generated. For example, agents can encourage people to call them to learn more about selling or buying a house by including a call-to-action on the postcard.


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