What Is Air Abrasion And How Does It Work?


In recent years, technological developments have revolutionized the dental industry, allowing patients to undergo treatment without pain and invasive procedures. Air abrasion is one such innovation that has changed the way Memphis, TN dentist prepare teeth for restorative procedures. What is air abrasion, how it works, and how is it better than traditional methods of dental drilling, we will consider this article.

Air abrasion is a minimally invasive method used to remove decay, stains scrapes, and other actions from teeth. Instead of rotating metal burs, a drill used in traditional methods, air abrasion uses a fine abrasive stream generally composed of aluminum oxide or etched silica propelled by compressed air to remove decayed or damaged tooth material gently and precisely.

Air abrasion works through the following steps:

The dentist isolates the tooth with a rubber dam or any protective covering that also helps protect adjacent teeth, cheeks, tongue, and other soft tissues. Then, a handheld device attached to a dental unit directs a lighting stream of formulated powder generally aluminum oxide or silica with the assistance of compressed air on the tooth’s surface, and a narrow nozzle directs the stream for more precise results.

Abrasive particles then remove decay, stains, or other indicators of damaged teeth. Debris and excess abrasive powder are removed from the mouth with a high-speed suction device. Finally, the affected surface is cleaned and dried, and dentists use an airstream to remove any remaining powder before placing filling or other material.

Advantages of Air Abrasion

Air abrasion has several benefits compared to traditional dental drilling:

  • Less invasive: Air abrasion is less invasive and removes less of the natural tissue compared to traditional methods, making it preferable to most patients.
  • Precise: The method allows dentists to remove exactly the amount of tissues needed, minimizing any possibility of proximal reduction.
  • Comfort: Air abrasion is more comfortable for patients because it generates less heat, pressure, and vibration during and after the procedure.

Air abrasion is a new and precise contrasting method that allows patients to treat their teeth confidently and achieve perfect results. If you have dental concerns, ask whether air abrasion will be an effective contrast method.

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