Here’s How Auto Accident Attorneys Evaluate For Damages


Car accidents can lead to significant losses. It may result in expensive medical bills, property damage, wager loss, and pain and suffering. Dealing with the stress that comes with evaluating the damages caused by the incident can take a toll on you.

That is why hiring a seattle auto accident attorney is crucial. Car accident attorneys use a variety of expert methods to evaluate these damages. This ensures that their clients receive fair compensation. Here are the ways that an attorney evaluates car accident damages.

Medical Expenses

All medical records and bills incurred after the car accident are carefully inspected. The attorneys will take into consideration the immediate medical costs and also the expenses for ongoing care, therapy, and prescription medications. Auto accident attorneys will work closely with medical professionals. This way, they can help figure out how much medical damage there is.

Income and Wage Loss

Getting into a car accident may result in income or wage loss.  Auto accident attorneys check your lost pay and work benefits. And if you have a business, they will also check for possible future income losses. They gather information to help them figure out the extent of these damages. Your work history and income statements will be taken into account. They may even consult experts to help them look into this information.

Property Damage

The auto accident attorneys will investigate the severity of the damages incurred. This includes your car and any personal items that got damaged during the accident. The cost of fixing or replacing the car is vital information. And its decreased value due to the damages is looked into. In addition, the cost of renting a car while yours is being fixed will also be considered.

Pain and Suffering

This aspect can be challenging to figure out. To determine this, non-economic damages are investigated. Auto accident attorneys will determine how bad your injuries are. The pain and suffering and mental stress you are under will also be checked. The attorneys will also check how the accident has significantly affected your daily life.

Hire a Trusted Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accident attorneys use various methods to provide accurate estimates of the losses associated with the incident. They have mastered different techniques that help them build strong cases for their clients. Determining the extent of the damages will also allow them to negotiate a fair deal for insurance compensation on their client’s behalf.

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