Nudify: how does the service work? 


The developers came up with another application for neural networks, which, turned out to be in demand among the audience. The Nudify project, as you might guess from the name, does completely different things – namely, “undresses” the women depicted in the photo.

How does AI work to generate naked photos? 

Is it possible to undress a girl through a neural network? Most neural networks are incapable of this since the developers put a particular block on such controversial content. But demand always gives rise to supply, and neural networks capable of creating in the “nude” style have already launched online. Special undress photo generators are based on deepnude AI technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to amaze us with its capabilities in various fields. As part of AI, a neural network is a promising tool for performing multiple tasks, such as big data processing, management, and creative activity. A neural network is a mathematical model. Its main feature is that the “physical” formulas of the model are not programmed in the usual sense of the word but are trained. The process proceeds through the following stages:

  • An artificial neuron network receives several signals through different inputs.
  • Transformation of the received data.
  • Transmission to other neurons.

Nudify app for undressing celebrities

Nudify is the only service that can genuinely undress a girl. Moreover, it doesn’t just draw nudes but makes assumptions about what the girl in the photo you upload looks like without clothes. AI analyzes various body parameters and literally “removes” items of clothing. The process takes only a few minutes, so remember that the result is not perfect the first time. Celebrities became the first victims of realistic nude photos like Billie Eilish leaked nudes as their photos were uploaded to the app’s source.

So, if you have already worked with neurons, you know about one of their weak points – they poorly draw the details of human anatomy. Therefore, you will have to run several generations.

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