Having the Right Compliance Practices in Place can have a Positive Impact on Sourcing Suppliers


You might have heard of the popular saying, “Every Action has an equal or opposite reaction”. This principle holds even in the case of sourcing companies.

The Chinese market is hounded with various businesses due to its low labour costs. You are sure to get reputable suppliers here, provided you put some time and effort into researching.

Sourcing Goods from Dongguan

This district is one of the biggest export hubs in China. This place is like a gold mine wherein you can find many sourcing companies or suppliers for your products.

If you are looking for a sourcing company in Dongguan, then you are provided with limitless opportunities.

This centre is popular for:

  • Papermaking
  • Electronics
  • Textiles and garments
  • Machinery
  • Beverage processing

Now, Dongguan has four sub-districts, which can be useful to narrow down as per your requirements.

These sub-districts include:

  • Dongcheng
  • Wanjiang
  • Guancheng
  • Nancheng

If you are looking for a sourcing company in Dongguan based on product category, then you can choose from the below:

  1. For furniture –

You can go to the Dongcheng sub-district. You can take a cab or commute through the subway

  1. For electronics, paper industry, or textiles –

You might want to look for suppliers in the Wanjiang sub-district. You can rent a car and stop near the central bus station.

  1. For electronic products –

The Guancheng sub-district would be an apt choice for all your electronic needs. You can travel by car to the Dongguan City old centre.

  1. For metal or footwear –

You can check out the sourcing companies located in the Nancheng sub-district. You can travel by car to reach this place.

If you want to go a step further, then you can check out the small towns that can be reached by taking the train.

These towns include:

  • Humen Town – Specializes in toys, electronics, and textile
  • Shilong Town – Specializes in IT products
  • Zhangmutou Town – Specializes in rubber products
  • Changping Town – Specializes in metal and woollen products

Practicing the Right Approach with Chinese Suppliers

When you are looking for a sourcing company in Dongguan or any other district in China, ensure that your company is compliant and has certain practices in place. This provides workplace safety for Chinese suppliers and helps to build trust and rapport.

One thing that you might want to implement in your company would be Responsible Purchasing Practice (RPP).

This practice ensures fair treatment to the suppliers and helps to promote a healthy working environment. The suppliers would not feel exploited and ensure better business sustainability amongst the suppliers.

It is common practice amongst many companies to make last-minute change requests to products that are already manufactured.

Imagine the time gone into making the products, only to have them modified or altered at the last minute.

Such decisions can lead to frustration amongst the suppliers, which in turn can lead to poor quality of the products.

Now, when you are sourcing products, you might also want to give some thought to the environmental impact.

Here is where sustainability purchasing practices come into play. When looking for Chinese suppliers, you might want to ask for their ISO certifications.

Sometimes, suppliers might be rigid or hesitant to follow sustainability practices. Doing a background check proves to be useful here.

Some of the tips that you can follow are:

  • Specify your requirements before signing any contracts with the suppliers
  • Ask for the necessary licenses and registration certificates
  • In case of large orders, ensure that the suppliers can handle such orders


Finding a sourcing company in Dongguan will leave you with a plethora of supplier options to choose from. Having the necessary practices in place will improve the productivity of your business.

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